Saturday, 19 February 2011

Hey I'm new to blogger. I'm going to write a blog once a week about what I did on my nights out. I'm going to start with last night. It was my freinds 18th birthday so I met up with him and went for a drink in the nearest pub! We started off with a pint each (this was at 4pm). From there we went to my house and had a few bottles each and then back to town. We went to a pub and continued drinking, by now we were pretty tipsy. After meeting more people and having a few more drinks we decided to go to a cocktail bar. This is where things got messy, ordered 16 shots, each. After that, I remember nothing.



  1. Welcome to blogspot! I am your first follower :)
    >got messy
    >ordered 16 shots
    >remembered nothing
    haha I really look forward to reading your blog.

  2. Haha yeah thanks for following. I think I'm gonna widen the spectrum with what I write about though, just gonna go with the flow rather than write about the ammount of alcohol I consume... I shall experiment!

  3. Hoping to see you get off your feet. Keep on posting daily!